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We provide low-cost prototyping & digital marketing. Go from idea to seed funding for equity or payment.



Why use TopCofounder?

TopCofounder is on the cutting edge of startup building. Through the startup studio business model, we are able to produce startups in a fraction of the time at a fraction of the cost. Our focus is on the application of technology in machine learning, internet of things, and software as a service.

How does TopCofounder work?

TopCofounder is made up of a network of fractional executives utilizing the startup studio methodology. Our network is comprised of hundreds of experts with different competencies and from different industries. All the work that needs to be done when building a startup is subcontracted to our network. In addition, because all of our resources are already in place, we benefit from economies of scale with each additional startup. Over time we've refined our internal processes to improve the efficiency and speed of taking an idea to prototype and seed funding.

What is a fractional executive?

Fractional Executives offer valuable insight and outside perspective to organizations on a for-hire basis. As opposed to consultants, fractional executives work in an advisory AND implementation capacity to help companies execute on their vision. Startups can now afford a high-level executive without having to pay for a highly paid employee. Furthermore, services provided by the fractional executive can easily adapt to the needs of the business as it changes over time. We have fractional executives in operations, marketing, technology, and finance.

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Startup as a service
  • • We build a company for you
  • • Utilize all fractional services
  • • Build for equity option
Fractional CEO
  • • Strategy & Execution
  • • New revenue generation
  • • Partnership development
Fractional CFO
  • • Budgeting & Forecasting
  • • Financial Analysis & Reporting
  • • Capital allocation strategies
Fractional COO
  • • Process automation
  • • Customer & staff onboarding
  • • Team management structure
Fractional CTO
  • • Rapid MVP prototyping
  • • Technology roadmap
  • • Scalability & security analysis
Fractional CMO
  • • Brand development
  • • Marketing strategy
  • • KPI optimization
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Message us here or email us at contact@topcofounder.com

1210 Stanford Dr.
Miami, FL 33146

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